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What patients should know when searching orthodontic treatment

Currently there are a few companies provide do-it-yourself orthodontic treatments such as SmileDirectClub, Smile Love, SnapCorrect. There are a few things you should consider before deciding on who you should have your orthodontic treatment done by.

1 – Is there an orthodontist or dentist supervising your treatment? Do you know the name of this person?
        This is very important because orthodontists are trained and focus their practices to only moving teeth and aligning jaws. Just like you trust your heart to your cardiologist, your skin to your dermatologist, orthodontists dedicated additional years to study orthodontics.
You should also know the name of the orthodontist or dentist who supervises your treatment from these companies. You should know their education and credentials, and availability just in case your treatment does not feel right.

2 – Does your treatment include comprehensive diagnostic records such as clinical examination or X-rays?
        Generally these records are read and analyzed first. Then your treatment plan is formulated before any movement of your teeth are performed. Are you comfortable if these are not included in your treatment?

3 – Have your teeth and gum been evaluated if they are healthy enough for orthodontic treatment?
         Who is making this decision for you?

4 – Are there any other treatment options for your case?
        If there are, do you know what option is best for you and why?
        If the decision is made for what is best for you, who is making that decision?

5 – Does your treatment fee include any in-person visits to a licensed orthodontist’s office? 
      Is the person who supervises your treatment a licensed orthodontist?

6 – Have you asked about possible risks associated with your orthodontic treatment?

7 – Who is monitoring your treatment?
          Is it you or an orthodontist?

8 – If there is any emergency or problem come up, is there an orthodontist you can see?
         If there is, who will cover the cost for the emergency visit?

9 –  When the orthodontic treatment is done, how are your teeth retained? 
          You should know what kind of retention plan is best for you. What retainers you are getting?        
          Who will check your retainers in years to come?