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It’s important to realize that orthodontic treatment is about a new transformation for the better, at any age. It can easily give you the self-confidence, and satisfaction which can come with straight teeth and a fantastic smile. At TriCity Orthodontics, our goal is to strengthen the health of your gums and teeth.


Many people don’t realize, when left untreated, many orthodontic problems can easily become much worse over time. If you have a bad bite or malocclusion, your teeth could be too crowded, spaced, or just may not fit together evenly.


Often, crowded teeth are very difficult to clean and maintain. Left untreated, crowding can easily contribute to gum disease tooth decay and even tooth loss. Bad bites also often result in the abnormal wearing of tooth surfaces as well as cause difficulty in chewing and damage to the supporting bone and gym tissue.


Braces that fit your lifestyle


Many people are pleased to learn that braces will easily fit into and work with your current lifestyle. Feel free to do almost anything with braces – play a musical instrument, sing, dine out, kiss, and even have your picture taken.


With today’s advanced technology, wearing braces has become easy, and people feel better about the way they look. Advancements have allowed metal braces to become much smaller than in the past. But even less noticeable are braces made of plastic or ceramic.


Lingual braces, the ones that go behind your teeth, may also be appropriate in some cases. Invisalign is a clear alternative to braces for patients who absolutely do not want braces, and is available for teens as well as adults. TriCity Orthodontics will tell you which of these several options are best for you.


With all types of braces, adjustments are always necessary. However, many adult patients find it easy, and quick to adjust. Several people find some things to be off limits, like chewing ice and certain sweet treats. Some people also find that their mouth and teeth may be a little tender following an adjustment. Remember to visit TriCity Orthodontics regularly for check-ups.


Will Braces be a Good Fit For You?


Taking the time to come in and speak with an orthodontist is the best way to identify if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment. The most important factor in determining the potential for improving your smile and dental health is the condition of your teeth, gums and the supporting bone. Keep in mind that the biological process which is involved in tooth movement is identical in both children as well as adults.


Following the initial examination, TriCity Orthodontics will be able identify exactly what your treatment shall involve, as well as an approximate cost. When you decide to proceed with the treatment, diagnostic records of your mouth will be taken, and may include molds of your teeth, special x-rays and photographs.


It’s important to note that every person’s malocclusion is different. Only after carefully analyzing the nature of a needed correction can TriCity Orthodontics recommend the best course of treatment towards improving your smile.


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