Flossing and Brushing with Braces

Brushing and flossing are just as important when you wear braces. That’s because there are so many places for food to get stuck and plaque to build up. The best way to prevent problems is to brush after every meal or snack, floss once a day and use a fluoride rinse. Always use a soft brush and a fluoride toothpaste.


Do It Right…

Brush the outsides and the insides
Brush the outside of each tooth using a circular motion. Then brush the inside


Brush the Brackets and Gums
Brush slowly between the brackets and gums. Tilt the bristles into the gums and brush using a circular motion. Be sure to brush the gums around the front teeth too.


Brush the Tops of the Teeth
Clean the top of each tooth with a back and forth motion Brush your tongue, too. Then rinse your mouth. If your teeth and appliances don’t shine, start over and brush them again.


Thread the Floss
Thread the floss thought the threader. Then slip the floss behind the archwire. Or use floss with a foam or gauze coating.


Work the Floss
Pull the floss between two teeth. Work it up and down under your gums. Repeat between every tooth, then rinse.


Fluoride mouth rinse
This can help prevent tooth decay. It can also help keep plaque from building up around your braces leaving marks on your teeth. Use it after you brush and floss.


An Electric Toothbrush
We usually recommend this to each patient because it can make cleaning each tooth easier but you still need to floss.


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