Why Choose Tri-City Orthodontics?

All-Inclusive Pricing

We want to make your treatment as stress free as possible. That is why we offer all inclusive pricing. There will never be any unexpected fees or hidden fees.


Your fee will include:


  • All appointments, including emergency visits and retainer checks
  • Materials needed
  • Retainers at the end (upper and lower fixed retainer and upper removable retainer)
  • Two years of full retention – If the fixed retainer break we will fix them for free and if your teeth shift we will retreat for free
  • Complimentary drinks any time you are in the office
  • If the treatment plan proposed is not working we will switch to a different option at no cost to you


Affordable Payment Plans

Several factors can determine the costs associated with orthodontic treatment. Often the severity of the problem, complexity, as well as the length of treatment will have a large impact on the overall cost.


Be sure that TriCity Orthodontics will review all treatment options and payment plans with you before starting any treatment. It’s more affordable than ever to get braces today.


We have several combined plans available for parents and children who may receive treatment at the same time. And keep in mind that many dental insurance plans now also include orthodontic benefits.


Remember to check with your insurance company or employer to see if you are covered.



Academic Honours & Awards

  • Manitoba Health Research Council Award 2008-2011
  • Oro-Facial Growth Award 2006
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Dean’s Honour List 2003- 2006 Dental School: University of Western Ontario
  • School of Dentistry Entrance Award 2002 University of Western Ontario
  • Gold Medal Mathematics 2002
  • The Gordon R. and Miriam E.M. Magee Award
  • Gold Medal: Bachelor of Science University of Western Ontario 2002
  • Dean’s Honour List 2000 – 2002 University of Western Ontario
  • The Ray Leroi Allen Scholarship 2002
  • Laurence and Paterson Scholarship 2002
  • Entrance Scholarship 1999 University of Western Ontario


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

Phan X P, Akyalcin S, Wiltshire W, Rody W, Boorberg N. Effect of Tooth Bleaching on Shear Bond Strength of Fluoride-releasing Sealants. Angle Orthodontists, 2012.

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