So nice and friendly with all the kids

My braces were removed nearly 20 years ago and I have a bit of hardware still in my mouth keeping things in place.


Couple months ago the wire behind my teeth keeping things in place partially popped off. TriCity got me in that day and their staff was fantastic. I wish my original orthodontists office was like this place! The kids have TONS of stuff to occupy them and distract from the fact they’re at the dentist.


Plus the gentleman that took care of the repair was so nice and he was so friendly with all the kids. His rapport with the kids being seen around me was so great.


The wire behind my teeth used to be almost completely exposed and would often irritate or scratch my tongue. Now it’s completely smooth and I often forget it’s there! It took weeks to stop running my tongue over it and enjoying how much better it felt. Plus no more plaque build up around the wire either.


I hope nothing else goes wrong but if it does I know where I’m going!

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