Tobacco Use & Orthodontics

Tobacco use can affect how you respond to orthodontic treatment in a number of ways:

Acceleration of Periodontial (Gum) Disease
Even with good oral hygiene, gum disease may worsen significantly during orthodontic treatment

Poor Tooth Movement
If teeth are to move well during orthodontic treatment, the tissues that attach the teeth to the gums and bone must be healthy. Because tobacco use can make you more prone to periodontal disease, the effectiveness of your braces can be reduced.

Reduced Healing
If your treatment involves tooth extraction, jaw surgery or placement of implants, healing of those areas may be delayed or incomplete.

Tendency To Relapse
Periodontal (gum) disease can increase the tendency for teeth to relapse to their former position after orthodontic treatment is completed

Gum Damage From Smokeless Tobacco
Chewing tobacco can become packed around your braces and cause further damage to gum tissues

Your Choice Will Make A Difference
Don’t risk compromising your treatment. Please consider carefully the risks of smoking or chewing tobacco during orthodontics.

You are working hard toward a brighter smile with the help of braces. This is a great time to think about stopping your tobacco habit, and make a positive choice about your health

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